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Jennifer and I faced each other, glare and smirks on our faces.

"You're going down," I growled, my foot resting on the ball.

"We can't play without goal keepers," she said, standing straight and looking at me.

"Fair enough," I responded, looking at our small crowd.

"I'll take Martin," Jennifer voice, pointing to the hooded man. He nodded and jogged over to the goal.

"Felix, help a bro out," I called. Felix laughed as though I made a joke.

"You've never seen me play sports, have you? I'd say you're better off by yourself. I raised an eyebrow at him, and was about to speak when I heard a voice call behind me;

"I got you bro." I whipped around to see Gris and Chairle walking hand in hand toward us. My eye twitched as Gris kissed Chairle's cheek and jogged to my goal.

"Fine," I sighed, planning on taking my anger out on the ball. "Any rules?"

"Like you'd follow them if there were any," she muttered, assuring me that all I had to do was get the ball in the goal. I smirked as I kicked the ball toward the goal, and darted past Jennifer. She cursed and trailed me as I dribbled the ball down our makeshift field. I kicked the ball, trying to get it past Martin, but he caught it and tossed it over my head. I turned to see Jenifer bounce the ball of her head, and then settle it with her chest. She dribbled down the field quickly, and launched the ball into the goal, Gris diving for it, but missing.

"One to nothing! Bring it on ladies!" Jennifer yelled cockily. I raised and eyebrow at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. She smirked, mischief in her eyes.

"I think you know…" she trailed off, glancing to Felix. My face reddened as I caught what she meant.

"That's it; now I'm mad," I growled, Gris kicking me the ball.
Ha! Internet wi-fi sharing rocks! Next chapter! Update's were supposed to be Wednesday, but screw that! I'll update on Wednesday too =3

Preview art by :iconnoobito777: [link]

Some ideas are probably :iconguardianhawkpool:'s. picking out which ones would take too long.

:iconassasincylenia: drew Stephano! He is sexy! Check out the pic! [link]
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